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Poverty is the greatest injustice in the world today.

We want to see all people have access to clean water, food and nutrition, housing and shelter, quality education, medical care and a healthy environment in which all life may thrive.

To make that vision a reality, we believe it will take a global network of individuals, communities and causes. That's what we are building.

Let's Create A Humanitarian Network

by Dylan B. Raines

One of my dreams for many years has been to create a network of causes and projects around the world working to ensure that all people can have access to life’s necessities: clean water, food and nutrition, housing and shelter, medical care, quality education and a healthy environment in which all life may thrive.

I believe that poverty is the greatest injustice in our world today, and if we are to progress as the human family towards the wondrous possibilities of what we can achieve, we must first eliminate the reality that while some of us have far more than we could ever need; many of us do not.

Ending poverty is possible, yet it will take all of us coming together with our collective will to take action and help those on earth who need help most. Humanity Is a family, a network of people who share a connection and relationship with one another. I believe that only by coming together, regardless of our differences to help and serve one another, will we be able to create change that lasts and we can leave

Creation Steps

I hope you will join me in creating Humanitarian Explorer as we work to end poverty for every human being. Here are some ways you can join and connect:
  • Building our network of causes. If you have or know of any causes or projects working in areas of clean water, food, shelter, medical care, education or environmental, please contact us.
  • Building our network of people. If you believe all people should life's necessities, join us as an individual. We are creating a platform for people to connect around shared humanitarian interests and goals, and we focus our efforts on the issues and causes our community care about most.