Do your beliefs help you love people?

Humanity’s quest for truth is an eternal journey. For indeed, truth itself is eternal. Yet within our minds and memories we largely experience life from the perspective of one who is finite. The belief that “who I am” is a person who has arrived on earth as a baby and is made-up of past experiences which has formed our personality. We also believe that we have a future and ought to make the best of our current situation in order to have the best future possible.

In our quest for truth, it can be tempting to settle, to conclude upon certain points of view that we accept to be the way it is. If you tour social media channels, you won’t have to look long to see people fighting, arguing, name-calling and down-right hateful speech that is being expressed because people have divided themselves over points of view they have accepted as being the truth.

Yet, truth is not a conclusion, as though it were cemented in stone. Truth is a river. It is flowing and moving and always on a journey. Truth is always listening to see what it might learn. Truth sees with the clarity of a new-born-babe and the wisdom of a thousand lifetimes. Truth has been around forever and yet it lives each moment like it has only arrived now.

Are your beliefs flowing with eternity? Or, are your beliefs rooted in the finite which can be easily destroyed by the winds of change?

Do your beliefs produce eternal fruit? Or, do they give you a personal security so that you temporarily feel better about life?

Any belief that is of value would be one that is wholly connected with that which is eternal. Love, peace and trust — the qualities which are indescribable when experienced.

Consider when you look deeply into the eyes of someone who is exuding love. There is something in that experience that is completely beyond explanation. And no explanation is really necessary. But we know it when it happens. Perhaps that is why it seems people speak negatively to one another on social media — there’s nobody there to look in the eye.

I encourage you to be the same person you are in all realms of relationship. Consider your beliefs and ask yourself if what you believe is empowering you to love others. If it isn’t, if you have a belief that is an intellectual attachment to an idea, it may not be worth holding onto.

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