About Humanitarian Explorer

Dylan Raines is on a mission to travel every nation of Earth, raising awareness for humanitarian causes and needs.

From Dylan: In March of 2016 I wanted to do something for World Water Day. Somehow I had the idea of walking from Seattle to Canada simply to bring attention to the need of clean water around the world.

During that week-long pilgrimage, the desire to walk in every nation around the world grew and has now become a life-long goal to step foot in all 195+ countries and territories in the world.

Here's what I am working to do and what this campaign will enable:

1. Travel to countries to walk cities and communities. As I walk places, my focus is on making genuine connections with people, listening to their stories, personal and community needs.

2. Sharing those stories and needs in order to raise awareness and provide ways the world can respond and help.

3. Organizing walks inviting the public to join and build relationships.

I believe that all people should have access to life's vital necessities of clean water, food, shelter, medical care and a healthy environment.

What We Do

  • Travel journals of Dylan Raines and other explorers.
  • Organize awareness walks to mobile support for humanitarian causes.
  • Publish news and resources to inform and inspire people to act for humanitarian needs and issues.
  • Map humanitarian projects working to meet needs around the world and promote those activities.
  • Build and manage websites for nonprofits and humanitarian causes - for free.